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Good News: If you are one of these we can help



How we can help you like no one else!


Experience: We have over 25 years of success working on the "inside" of the trust and estate business. We worked at some of the largest Trust and Investment Management companies in America. We know how they operate... we know what they like and dislike (hot and cold buttons). If you are selling to this niche you need to know "what makes them tick".


For the last 10 years we have worked closely with dozens of estate attorneys. Our entire 35 year career has been in preparation of helping YOU today!


Unique Resources: Yeah, we bring a lot to the estate niche party.


We own 6 Valuable Estate Niche Websites (We will share referrals and give you a web page on these sites) See video below 300 pages of content which is visited by over  55,000 estate consumers a year. Feeds traffic to... web page listings. Showcase your estate practice on one of the best domains available. Our listing are all SEO optimized, the value of a link from our websites is HUGE. This site gets over 1,500 visitors a month who are interested in estate planning. Another valuable domain and full featured directory listing. If you are real estate agent in the probate niche you NEED to be seen here!


We own 5 Estate and Probate Niche Groups on Linkedin these groups have over 20,000 estate professionals.

We can send a message to our groups members introducing you and your services. We can even write a well crafted marketing message for you (who else can do that?).


Podcasting:  | | See video below

Tell YOUR rich and compelling niche story on our podcasting channels. Nothing builds trust like an in-depth and positive interview about how you help people (a no bs zone). Stop advertising (people hate it) and start educating. Post your podcast everywhere.


Proven Marketing Strategies: If you haven't noticed the Yellow Pages are dead and nearly all customers and clients ignore  "me too" marketing pitches. To be successful you have to laser target your niche prospects and give them a unique insight of why YOU are the one and ONLY person to help them.  The best way to beat your competition to a pulp is not compete at all. But you will have to implement each of the following steps nearly flawlessly. The whole Enchilada! (we can help)



Cost Effective Path Of Implementation - As Confucius said ... "To know and not to DO is not to know at all".

Most people have a core expertise that dominates their time, energy and resources. Maybe you are an estate attorney that actually wants to practice law and not marketing.  Then great welcome aboard... we have been preparing for a lifetime to help you.


It's a lot easier, faster and less expensive to have us implement all the strategies and resources mentioned above than for you to "do it yourself". We have a pretty good idea of what works and what doesn't. Times teaches you that.


That's about it. I'm done talking. It's your turn to talk.


Call me at 813 944-3190, I pick up my own phone even on weekends. No appointment necessary.


We will both discover pretty quick if it's a good fit.



Most Sincerely,


Brian B. French

PS: if you want to check me out just Google "Brian French marketing"



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