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Attorney Talk Radio is hosted and produced by Brian French


















  • For over 30 years Brian French has been a successful marketing and communications professional.


  • Earlier in his career he was an investment analyst, portfolio manager and trust officer for bank trust departments and major Wall Street brokerage firms.


  • He led marketing and management statewide for a leading wealth management firm and grew assets from $150 million to over $850 million in 5 years.


  •  More recently Brian has created his own marketing company focusing on the unique needs of the legal industry across all practice areas.


  •  In addition, to being a marketing consultant for attorneys nationally, Brian also owns 5 websites serving the estate and probate niche.


  • Brian also is a leader in social media marketing and owns and manages groups with over 62,000 members.


  • Brian teaches and lectures on digital marketing at some of the largest business seminars in Florida.


  • Married with two children and a border collie (whom you may hear in the background of some of our podcasts...listen closely)



Call Brian French directly at 813 944-3190


Brian French in not an attorney and never gives legal advice. Attorney guests on our show are solely responsible for their content.